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Doğayı Seviyoruz

Yasmak Oteller Grubu olarak, hizmetlerimizi en üst düzeye taşımayı hedefliyoruz. Otelimizin kalite sistemleri misafirlerimiz için en yüksek düzeyde memnuniyet sağlamak amacıyla kurulmuş olup personelimizin her birinin katılımı ve paylaşımı ile sürdürülmektedir.

Misafirlerimizin ve personelimizin sağlığını göz önünde bulunduracak şekilde çalışmak.

• Ürettiğimiz atık miktarını kontrol ederek çevreye saygı duymak ve kullandığımız doğal kaynakları azaltmak,
• Hizmet politikamızdan ödün vermeden çevreye gereken özeni göstermek.

Our vision is to become the choice hotel brand in comfort and guest satisfaction on both the national and international levels. We desire to meet the different demands of each of our guests by: • Always keeping guest satisfaction our first priority.
• Improving security, respect, and compassion through education and communication.
• Cooperating with our providers regional foundations in an effort to provide continued improvements.

• Working in a way that keeps the health of our guests and staff in mind.
• Respecting the environment by controlling the amount of waste we produce and by reducing the amount of natural resources we use,
• To do so without compromising our service policy.

We care for the environment

We, as Yasmak Hotel Collection, are working to run our hospitality services in a way that maintains the highest level of quality. Our hotels' quality systems have been established in order to provide the highest level of satisfaction for our guests and are upheld through the participation and shared commitment of each of our staff members. We consider our hospitality services to be a living system in that our management systems undergo regular testing and constant improvements which focus on quality sustainability and on providing a more refined level of convenience, proficiency, and efficiency for our guests. The quality of our services and guest-centered approach have been recognized in each of our hotels. We have received the following recognitions:

• ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System,
• ISO 2200:2005 HACCP Food Safety Management, and Greening Hotels' "Green Hotels Standards."
What we are doing for Sustainable Tourism:
• We care for the environment.
• We use energy saving lamps which consumes %80 less energy without compromising the service quality.
• We use the central heating system in our company.
• We use energy saver room thermostats for our fan coil system.

• We use energy saver room keys in each room.
• Water- use reduction equipments are used at the showers.
• In order to protect our establishment, we use environmentally-conscious chemicals which has international certificates.
• In order to reduce the paper use, we try to use the computer programs and systems as much as possible.
• As from the rooms, recycle paper , plastic, glass, metal and domestic wastes in every section of our company.

• We provide information cards to our guests in each rooms regarding that we can change their bed sheets and pillows if they request.
• We use the wear and tear textile products (sheet, towels ... etc) for cleaning.
• We send our waste cooking oil to the companies for biodiesel production.
• We allocate the unused or out of order equipments to the people demands.
• We recycle the waste batteries.

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Yasmak Comfort Hotel

Ebusuud Cad. Erdogan Sok. No:8 Sirkeci / Istanbul / Turkey