Sultania Restaurant

The Sultania Restaurant is located on the ground floor of our sister hotel, Olimpiyat Istanbul, and offers you a chance to take a break from your vacation and revitalize yourself with tasty cocktails and other refreshing drinks or grab some delicious quick bites, including sandwiches and various local dishes to ease your hunger. You can either choose to eat indoors to enjoy the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere or make the most of your little break by sitting at the outdoor seating and savor your drinks or foods in the soothing historical atmosphere of the hotel’s neighborhood.

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    Olive Anatolian Restaurant

    During your vacation in Istanbul, you’ll explore the remnants of the different empires that once ruled the world, you’ll get lost in the unique textures of the historical neighborhoods, and you’ll witness the true beauty of this city through its inviting streets. However, your Istanbul trip would not be complete without a night spent with trying out the different delicious tastes from the famous Turkish cuisine at a place with some of the most exceptional scenery in the city. This is exactly what the Olive Anatolian Restaurant on the rooftop offers its guests, with its professional chefs, unique romantic atmosphere, and wrap-around floor-to-ceiling windows.

    Olives are one of Turkey’s most widely grown plants, and they are served in many imaginative forms in Turkish cuisine in different healthy dishes. It was actually the creativity, productivity, and longevity of olives that gave our restaurant its name. In the Olive Anatolian Restaurant, we aim to present our guests with a remarkable night that they will remember as the best moments of their Istanbul vacation. On this beautiful rooftop, you can enjoy the most famous and delicious dishes of the Turkish cuisine and a wide selection of European and world cuisine, including tasty vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. All this while getting lost in one of the best panoramic views Istanbul can offer, extending from Hagia Sophia to all the way to Galata Tower and many other landmarks that will probably be on your tour routes.

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